VAPI - Virtual Application Program Interface

VAPI is a powerful tool for integrating legacy Windows applications through the Windows interface, without the need for coding or direct access to code. Vapi's non-invasive approach allows quick and easy enterprise integration of Win32 or browser-based legacy applications, as well as automated business processes and data transfer. Thanks to Vapi's simple interface, tasks that previously required months of coding can be completed in days.

Vapi encapsulates the enterprise's business processes and legacy application functionality as broadband web services or COM components on the basis of automated scripts. These components are then available for further integration with enterprise portals, integration servers, application servers, and business partners. Data can be sent from or to Vapi or imported by Vapi in any format, such as XML or plain ASCII.

Vapi's non-invasive, no risk technology enables low cost Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Portal Integration, and Automated Business Processes, as well as instantly generated web services.

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