vLogLite - Free Visual Logger

vLogLite is a subset of vLog (see more info on vLog).
It has all the user actions recording features, but it has the following limitations.

It records all the applications (and not only selected applications).>).
It records the entire desktop (and therefore takes more CPU and disk space).
It does not record HTTP messages, Load HTML pages, Element-attributes).
It does not add "Attached Files".
It records only the last 40 log-lines (about 35 users actions).

Because of these limitations, vLogLite is only suited for QA teams that want to record software defects, or describe application's scenarios.

Most of the bullets in "Why is vLog better than other recording tools?"
apply also to............. "Why is vLog better than vLogLite?".

Download vLogLite, it is totally free.