"...   Since we began using
vLog in our QA department, the reports I receive are much easier to understand. I don't need to call the QA technician asking him to explain every bug he sends me. Not only is it easier to understand, but it also provides much more information.We programmed the vLog to include the application's log and configuration files, and now I see not only the user actions, but also how the application reacts to them    ..."

A. Zanbar  sofware developer , EZOFFICE



What Is vLog?

vLog acts like a black-box in an airplane.
It records the user-actions on dialogs of specific applications, and monitors many other application's and system's resources.
Based on its recording and preconfigured data, vLog can create visual and comprehensive report and send it to the developer.
The report can be viewed step-by-step, or "played" as a movie.

Who will use vLog?

QA Technicians.
Helpdesk Technicians.
Support Teams.
Software Vendors.

Key Features:

vLog consumes minimal computer resources (CPU and disk-space).
vLog can be programmed to to record only specific applications (or URLs).
vLog makes bug reporting very simple.
vLog report includes a lot of extra important information.
The report can even include data from the "server" side.
vLog has a strong support for WEB applications.
vLog-Viewer can be password protected (Login).
vLog recorded data and reports can be encrypted.
Special application's areas can be hidden (whiten) for privacy and security.
Special users (Helpdesk) can view other users recorded data.
vLog includes postmortem (crash) log file.
The report can be automatically attached to a bug-report in any reporting tool
Or, it can be sent (automatically) by email.
Or, it can be copied to a Center-Folder (where the viewer can open it).
Or, it can be uploaded to an FTP server (via its internal FTP client).


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More on vLog:

vLog is used to track and report defects in applications. It works in the background (an icon in the system-tray), and it is unnoticeable. vLog opens a list of lines that describe user actions (left-click, keyboard, drag-drop...). You simply click on a line and the corresponding dialog is displayed. vLog helps the QA technicians and Beta sites users to track and report defects in applications that are being tested. It enables them to create a visual description of every defect that they find in the application which is sent directly to the application's developer (technical-support). It is FAST, EASY, ACCURATE and UNDERSTANDABLE.

Track the application


Find the defects in the application


Send understandable report to the application developer