vLog support for WEB applications

vLog has a strong support for WEB applications.
It automatically adds a lot of information to the reports and enables you to examine it in different ways.

Following is the vLog WEB applications features:

You can add a WEB application by using part of the url.
You can add more urls to add urls to view more pages or filter out pages (e.g the Login page).
vLog is also a sniffer. It will record all HTTP messages (request and response) to and from the defined URLs.
It will synchronize the messages with the user's actions so you can understand what actions caused the messages.
The HTTP messages are displayed in TEXT, HTML and XML formats.
vLog displays the round-trip time and size of each message and calculates the speed.
vLog enables you to search for text in the recorded messages.
vLog enables you to compare messages and view the differences.
vLog enables you to re-send a request from the report (and even to change it).
It will also enables you to compare the response to the recorded response.
vLog shows the HTML pages that the browser loaded and view them in different formats (TEXT, HTML and XML).
vLog shows the HTML object that the user clicked on, as an XML object with all its attributes.
vLog enables you to add files from the server side (using the vLog-Server).