vLog for Software Vendors

vLog is an idle solution for Software Vendors.

One of the main problem of software vendors is how to improve the quality of the application from one version to the next.
The problem is that many software defects are either not reported because they are difficult to reproduce, or that are reported in such a way that they are useless (because they are not understandable and do not have enough data).

Another problem is how to transfer the report from the end-user (which may be located in a remote site), to the developer.

vLog solves these problems.
The vLog report is "Comprehensive", "Accurate", and "Understandable".
vLog has 4 different channels to transfer the report from the end-user to the developer (including email, and FTP server).
vLog is very easy to use (just click on Ctrl-Ins), and even may be activated from the application (via COM interface).
Because it is a separate application, vLog may also be used when the application crashed.
vLog's icon may be hidden, so user does not feel that there is another application running on his computer.
vLog's recordings and vLog's reports may be password protected to ensure high level of security.
vLog can be programmed to record only the application's dialogs (or pages), thus ensuring user's privacy.

If the application is a desktop application, than vLog can be installed as part of the application.
You can even install vLogRecorder (which is a subset of vLog) so it will take less disk-space and memory. The user does not need to configure vLog, just configure it as you want (the applications, destination and options), and send us the configuration (using "Export-Configuration"). We will create a special vLog (or vLogRecorder) for you that contains your special configuration.