vLog for Tech-Support Team

vLog improves the quality of the software technical support.

One of the things that is very important for users, is the knowlege that the software has a strong technical support.
Strong support means that when the user reports a problem, the problem is handled and solved.
The problem is that in many cases, the report is either not understandalbe, or not accurate, or does not contains enough data to reprduce the defect. This causes a great lost of time for the support team, the developer, and in many cases, for the end user (because the support will ask him for more data). What is even worse is that fact that in many cases, because of the above the problem cannot be repreduced and therefore is left unsolved.

Because of its ease of use, and because it maintains user's privacy, it is an ideal method to report software problems.
When the user wants to report a problem he clicks Ctrl-Ins. Or (even better), the application can have a "Report Defects" button that activates vLog. The report is sent directly to the tech-Support, either via Email or to an FTP server.

When the software developer receives the report, it is much easier for him to understand and reproduce the problem.
Because the report is understandable and contains all the data that is needed, the support will not hassle the user for more data.
If the report indicates that this is not a real problem, they will send the user a notification with an explanation of what he did wrong.
If the problem is a real software defect, than the support will forward the report to the developer.

The vLog report is "Comprehensive", "Accurate", and "Understandable".
This ensures that "software defects reports, will be handled in the best manner, and thus give the users the feeling that their reports are being handled.

The main problem is how vLog is installed and configured on the end-user's computer.
There may be two ways to do it.
1. The application's installation file includes vLog and the configuration file.
This is the best way, because it does not requires the use for any extra work.
The problem is that it is not suitable for WEB applications that do not install any "client" on the end-user's computer.
2. The user downloads and install vLog before reporting the problem.
In this case, vLog may contain the specific configuration in a special vLog install file.
This special vLog can be downloaded from the company's WEB site with directions for "How to request a tech-support help."