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Supervisor enables you to record the actions and the applications' usage* of other users in your local network.
You can see what any user did any day/hour, you can browse through the screens using sophisticated user-interface and search tools.
You can even set alerts on specific words or actions or exaggerated usage.
Supervisor uses a patent-pending recording engine so it does not utilize too much CPU and disk-space.
The user in the recorded client doesn't feel it.
It is also secured so no one (but you) can view the recordings (they are encrypted).

* usage = the time that the user spent in using an application (or a web-site) in minutes, or relative other usage parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who will use the Supervisor?

Companies that want to analyze what their employees are doing and how they use their time and applications .
Companies that want to prevent data leakage or employees' misconduct.
IT Managers to analyze problems in the servers or problems in clients' applications.
Call-Centers supervisors as a Helpdesk tool or to supervise and analyze the CSR's work.
Parents and school-masters who want to supervise their children computer's usage.

Key Features:

The Supervisor's agents utilizes minimial CPU and disk space.
Supervisor can be set to ignore specific applications/URLs. Or, record only applications/URLs
Supervisor records text from the data controls that is used for advanced Search and Alert utilities.
You can set alerts for "CD or Disk-On-Key insertion", or even disable them (so the user cannot copy data to external devices).
Supervisor has a very sophisticated User-Interface that enables you to view the recorded data in several layers.
The recorded data is encrypted and can be viewed only by the Viewer.
Other Viewers can view the data if approved by the main Viewer.
Supervisor can record even when the user's computer is disconnected from the network.
Supervisor has an Auto Cleanup function.
Supervisor is designed to work with one or many (thousands) clients.
Supervisor has comprehensive usage tables and network usage reports.
Supervisor enables you to define alerts for words, user-actions, or even usage exceptions.
Supervisor can open a communication-channel between the supervisor and the users (for Helpdesk).
Supervisor has many configuration options for different types of usage.
For example, you can start recording only when an alert is triggered (for n seconds

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