What is an operation?

An operation is a mouse-click or a keyboard-click on a specific control (button, menu, list,...) in a specific dialog (window).

What is an "exceptional" operation?

Exceptional operation is an operation that is very rare relative to other operations.

How Supervisor helps you find these "exceptional" operations?

Supervisor includes sophisticated "statistics" tables.
Click on this icon in the toolbar to open the Statistics table.
The Statistics table shows all the operations that were executed by the network-users sorted by their "number of clicks" .
When you click on a line in the table, it shows the picture of the dialog (in the top-right) and the names of the users who clicked on this dialog.

Statistics table - shows the number of clicks.

Once you find a dialog that is rarely used, you can use the "Find" function to view all the operations on this dialog and see if one of them caused the problem.