Where does your company waste money?

In every enterprise there are few employees who don't do their jobs.
They come to work on time, punch their cards, and stay till the end of the day (or even work over time).
But in-between, they talk to friends on phone, wander around, or just play Solitaire.
Do you know who they are?
Do you know how much money do you waste every month on these people?

How Supervisor helps you find these employees?

Supervisor includes sophisticated "usage" tables.
Click on this icon in the toolbar to open the Network-Usage table.
The Network-Usage table can show if the employees worked in specified hours and on what applications did they worked on.

Daily Network-Usage - you can sellect the last day or a specific date.

Hourly Network-Usage - you can sellect the last hour or a specific hour.

Applications Network-Usage - shows the relative usage of the applications .

User-Usage - shows the usage (hourly or daily) table for a specific user.

Usage-Alert - Define an alert that is triggered if certain filters are met.