How to find a specific operation?

Supervisor includes sophisticated "Find" function.
Click on this icon in the toolbar to open the "Find" dialog.
The "Find" function includes many types of "Find".
The two main types are: 1. Find "words", 2. "Advance" find.
The "words" type finds all the places that the user entered these words or clicked on a control with the "word" or the text in the dialog included this word.
The "Advance" find enables you to define a control (or dialog or application), and then find all the places that the user clicked on this control (or dialog or application).
Please note that each of these types includes many features that enables you to be more specific of what to search.

Find-Tool - the dialog that enables you to define the control.

Search-Results - After you click on the "Search" button Supervisor creates a list.
Click on the list shows the picture of the operation.

After you defined a "Find" script, you can use it as a trigger for alerts by using the "Copy To Alerts" button.