How to keep the employees' privacy

Many countries have laws that prohibit violating employees' privacy by recording their actions.
Supervisor enables you keep these "privacy protection" laws and still monitor misconducts.
To do that, set the "What to record" parameter (in "Recording 1" tab, under the Config->Options) as in the picture.

Then define the "alerts" that will trigger the recording system.
When you receive an alert, you click on it and view what the user did.

This will also save a lot of disk space, because the client does not record all the actions but only those that are suspected as misconduct.

How to record all but use very little disk-space

Enable the "Usage Data" - this will enable you to see how the users spend their time.
And enable the "Log-Lines" - this will enable you to search for a specific action (using the "Search" tool).