vLog for Helpdesk

vLog improves the communication between the Helpdesk team and the network users.

The nice thing about using vLog for Helpdesk is that the novice users don't need to learn vLog.
All the user needs to know is that when he has a problem with the software, he clicks Ctrl-Ins.
Using vLog will save the user a lot of time in describing the problem's details.

When the user wants to report a problem, he clicks Ctrl-Ins and writes a short description of the problem.
The Helpdesk team receive the problem with the vLog report that enables them to view what the user did.
If the see that the source of the problem is something that the user did wrong, they can reply to user with an explanation.
They can even draw on the report's picture (and add comments) and send it with the reply.
The user can view the comments in the report and better understand the answer.

In some cases, the Helpdesk technician thinks that this is a real software problem.
In this case, he will pass the vLog report the to the software's support team.
The support team can be in the same network (if the software was developed by the IT department), or outside in the Internet.

When the software developer receives the report, it is much easier for him to understand and analyze the problem.
The vLog report is "Comprehensive", "Accurate", and "Understandable".

If the Helpdesk thinks that he needs to view user's actions that are not in the vLog reports (prior to the report),
he can "Connect" to the user's computer and view the recording pages, as if he doing it from the user's computer.
This feature can (and should) be protect in the Config->Options->Security tab.

Another thing that the Helpdesk can do with vLog reports, is to place them in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) folder.
When a user reports a problem that was already been solved, the Helpdesk can redirect him the report in the FAQ folder.
The user will view the report that has the comments that explain the problem.