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Recording Users Actions

VapiSoft developed an amazing (patent-pending) technology to record user-actions.
Although it records screenshots (and a lot more), it consumes minimal computer resources (CPU and disk-space).
Based on this technology we built the following four applications:

Supervisor - A Network Viewer

Monitoring users/servers in the Local Area Network.
For Companies, Schools, Call-Centers, Security Agencies,...

vLog - Visual Logger

Recording and reporting software defects. For QA, Helpdesk, and Tech-Support.

ISU - I Show You

Record a sequence of operations (actions) in Windows' applications.
For simple users, and for companies FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

ScreenShot - Capture the screen

Capture the desktop or part of it, and send it as JPEG to a friend.

Ez-Backup - Backup Utility

A sophisticated backup utility that enables different filters and can copy to several media types.